The Uncompromised level is an economical option that provides well above the minimum eight security features needed to qualify as “high-security checks.” The unique check background design is available in 10 colors. Like all versions of Uncompromised Checks, the face of the document contains a heat reactive, thermochromic icon. Additionally, the back has a chemical wash warning box. Using Uncompromised Checks greatly reduces liability in check fraud loss.

Check Features

Available Laser Check Colors

Additional Features

Paper Security
  • Invisible Embedded Fibers
  • Chemical Reactive Paper
Printed Security
  • Thermochromic Icon
  • Warning Band
  • Microprint Endorsement Lines
  • Diagonal Dimensional Backer
  • Padlock Icon
  • Chemical Reactive Box
Available Check Styles
  • Top, Middle or Bottom Check
  • 3-on-a-page Check
  • Wallet Check
  • Top Check / Long Voucher
  • Bottom Check / Long Voucher
  • Top Check / Payment Record