The Uncompromised level is an economical option that provides well above the minimum eight security features needed to qualify as “high-security checks.” The unique check background design is available in 10 colors. Like all versions of Uncompromised Checks, the face of the document contains a heat reactive, thermochromic icon, and the back has a chemical wash warning box.

Uncompromised Plus

Uncompromised Plus takes check security to the next level! In addition to the security features available in the Uncompromised level, Uncompromised Plus includes an invisible fluorescent logo printed in the signature area of the check. The Uncompromised Plus Check background is distinct in design, difficult to duplicate and available in four colors.

Uncompromised Premier

Uncompromised Premier is the most robust level in our standard check offering. The Premier level includes six layers of check security options: Granite/Parchment/Linen, Payee Positive Pay, Financial Secure, 3D Secure, Hologram Secure and our most safeguarded, Ultimate Secure.