Level 2: Uncompromised Plus

Uncompromised Plus takes check security to the next level! In addition to the security features available in the Uncompromised level, Uncompromised Plus includes an invisible fluorescent logo printed in the signature area of the check. The Uncompromised Plus Check background is distinct in design, difficult to duplicate and available in four colors.

Check Features

1. Header Information (up to five lines)
2. Bank Imprint
3. Fractional Number
4. Optional Prefix
5. Arabic Number
6. Consecutive MICR Number
7. Routing and Transit Number
8. Account Number
9. Optional Second Signature Line
10. Signature Title
11. Keyhole Thermochromic Icon
12. Invisible Fluorescent Logo (UCS Plus, Granite, Parchment and Linen only)
13. Microprint Endorsement Lines
14. Padlock Icon with Security Features
15. Chemical Wash Warning Box (not available on Granite,
Parchment or Linen)

Available Laser Check Colors

Additional Features

Paper Security
· Invisible Embedded Fibers
· Chemical Reactive Paper

Printed Security
· Thermochromic Icon
· Warning Band
· Microprint Endorsement Lines
· Diagonal Dimensional Backer
· Padlock Icon
· Chemical Reactive Box
· Invisible Fluorescent Logo

Available Check Styles
· Top, Middle or Bottom Check
· 3-on-a-page Check
· Top Check / Payment Record