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Uncompromised Check Solutions

Uncompromised Check Solutions offers higher security, popular check colors, and new pantograph options for your check products.  More information on our marketing material can be found in the links on the left.  We provide the Uncompromised Check Solutions line in three tiers which include varying levels of paper and printed security features.

Tier 1: Uncompromised Checks
An economical option that provides well above the minimum eight security features to qualify as a "high security check." This tier includes nine color choices, a newly designed pantograph, thermochromic icon and chemical wash warning box.

Tier 2: Uncompromised Plus Checks

Our mid-level tier has been upgraded with a stylish new pantograph design, four color options, thermochromic icon, invisible fluorescent logo and chemical wash warning box.

Tier 3: Uncompromised Premier Checks
The most robust tier includes Granite/Parchment/Linen, 3-D Secure, Financial Secure and our top of the line check: Hologram Secure. Premier check options can include holograms, prismatic printing, thermochromic icons, invisible fluorescent logo and chemical wash warning box.